Let Me Help You Flourish


Acupuncture has been proven to relieve pain, alleviate the effects of stress on the body, reduce anxiety and improve sleep.  Taken together this helps the body heal and reduce the fatigue we commonly feel.  BUT...  

 did you also know it can help you look younger

and help with alopecia (hair loss)??


Let me help bring out your glow by using acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (AOM) to rejuvenate you from the inside out!  By selecting acupoints to treat weaker areas in the body during your microneedling appointment I can help your body heal on the inside AND on the outside.  This really tailors the treatment to you and even helps the results last longer!

Some things you may not know already:

  • Unlike some other skin treatments (peels, microderm abrasion and certain facials), microneedling keeps the top layer of skin intact which protects deeper layers during rejuvenation and the production of collagen.  Why is that important??  Because it’s in the deeper dermal level that the fibroblasts produce collagen during the repair process which smooths and tightens the skin.   
  • Microneedling also helps serum absorption by over 2000% 
  • It is safe (side effects are very rare), effective, lasting and less expensive than surgeries
  • Microneedling is great for hair re-growth, wrinkles, stretch marks, age spots and acne scars


Have a reunion, wedding, or presentation that you want to look and feel your best for?  Let me help! 

Single session and packages available.

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