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Choosing a practitioner you like and trust can be difficult.  Making a decision to try a new practitioner is a significant mental hurdle for many - especially when pain, illness, anxiety or insomnia is a condition a person is seeking help for!  What if it doesn't work for me?  What if this is your first time with Chinese Medicine?

I get it.  Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) was literally foreign to me too at one time.  In fact, I found this on a search to help my mom with a very painful injury.  Pretty big motivator there!  And I had deeply rooted case of needle phobia since childhood.  Can you relate?  So.... I got an appointment and did NOT turn and run right back out the door after signing in.  Turns out it wasn't at all like I expected - and it will likely be the same for anyone trying this for the first time.  

Now for someone who was so needle-phobic it was pretty surprising to my family when I decided to go to graduate school for my MSAOM.  But the more I experienced what TCM is able to do and the more people I talked to that had similar experiences the more curious I became.  Thus, after a lot of hard work and exams, I  earned my designation as a nationally board certified and licensed acupuncturist.  Now I show people that it's possible to have a better and healthier life.  

So if this is your first time then I'd love to be the person to introduce you to acupuncture!  If you've used acupuncture before I'd love to help you with the next step on the road to a healthier you!  Have some questions about treating your health concern(s)?  Please go to the "Contact Me" page and send me a message. I'd be happy to answer your question(s)